The Floss Weave

The Floss Weave

Run Time: 10 minutes
Size: 126.2 MB

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10 Minutes
The Weave

Guys, high-speed wahoo trolling is tough on gear! What you see on the line here provides three things.
First, when you are marking your distances where your lures are to be fished this floss weave provides a foolproof spot as to where you or your anglers will set the lure. Our rods are set at 150, 250, 350 and 600. At times, we will shorten or lengthen them 50 feet based on what vessel we are fishing from. The more whitewater created by the boat the further the setting. We want our lures fishing in relatively clean water.
A second reason for the floss weave is to protect the line from wear against the frame of the rod tip. As the angle of the boat changes, the line angle changes as well. The weave will switch rubbing locations on the tip.
Lastly, some mates and captains fish without the clickers on. You can simply look at the rod tips and notice a short strike when the floss is pulled out a bit from the rod tip. On big boats, believe it or not, even with the clicker on you may not here a quick short strike because the motors and disturbance of the ocean can be louder than the clicker especially fishing upsea.
The floss weave is constructed with 50lb floss on monofilament and 35lb floss on braid.