Slow Current Swords-(1 hour, 52 min)

Slow Current Swords-(1 hour, 52 min)
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Run Time: 112 minutes
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Slow Current Swords-RJ Boyle Studios  

In this RJ Boyle film you will see the exact rig fished by Paco Vela in the slow current area off Puerto Rico.  The techniques shown on this film will help you swordfish in current ranging from 1/2 a knot to 2 knots. There is lots of discussion with world famous Capt. Jeffrey Wilson on low current swordfishing as well as how to diagrams on deploying and fishing two baits.  We  suggest that you purchase the first Daytime Swordfishing video which covers fighting swordfish and seeing the bite.  In addition we have a "Closing the deal on Bigger Swords" film that shows us fight a big sword for 3.5 hours. Lastly the "Daytime Swordfish Baits" film takes you step by step on how to rig 7 different sword baits.

Running Time: 2 hrs



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