Giant Bluefin Tuna (2 hours, 27 minutes)

Giant Bluefin Tuna (2 hours, 27 minutes)

Run Time: 148 minutes
Size: 2.1 GB

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RJ Boyle Films Presents:GIANT BLUEFIN TUNA Prepare to have your arms stretched and your back strained because nothing pulls like the GIANT Bluefin Tuna. Trying to stop one of these behemoths is like trying to stop a run away dump truck with no brakes going downhill. Good luck! The best fishermen in the world travel to Ballantyne’s Cove in Nova Scotia for a chance at these beasts. So, strap yourself in for another mind-blowing adventure with RJ Boyle as he goes with big game ninjas Andy Moyes and James Roberts in pursuit of the giant blue bombers. You will see the custom rods, rigs, hooks and baits that are used by Andy and James as they land the GIANT BLUEFIN. It’s all here and more…RJ asks the hard hitting questions and provides the answers. It’s all right here.